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Download CDex

CDex 2.24 (2020/08/12)
Unicode and Multibyte version

CDex 2.24 Installer (recommended)
Download CDex for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

SHA-256 checksum: 49f8e02b42034e69d6f03fc105c79e2a077e9902ad9cf426afbeb62524062e67
-Windows 10, Version 2004 fixes
-Several bug fixes
CDex Portable 1.77 (no installation, portable for use on USB, Flash drive, Cloud drive)
Download CDex Portable for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (recommended)
SHA1: 041c7739105a18cac5adab2e2ec0d48a6899b19e
MD5: 6d58c6999126d331a3e826b2ec2a87ac
SHA1: 87f6a15aee2ecdcd0b4c2202120eae2960d8c9a7

-Updated genre list, containing new ID3 extensions
-Fixed writing ID3v2.4 tags
-Fixed writing combined ID3v2.4+ID3v1 tags
-Fixed setting description for attached cover art
-Fixed spelling errors in genre list
-Fixed setting MIME type for ID3v2.3 cover art
-Fixed setting MIME type for ID3v2.4 cover art
-Performance improvements
-Bug fixes


CDex 1.51 (old version)
Non Unicode (all Windows versions)

Download for Windows 9x series (95, 98, ME)
Download for Windows NT series (NT, 2000, XP, Vista)

ZIP Archive
Download for Windows 9x series (95, 98, ME)
Download for Windows NT series (NT, 2000, XP, Vista)

Language Support
CDex has support for several languages, the current distribution only packs a couple of language files to keep the file size of the distributable to an acceptable level, the language specific files(s) can be download here.
Select the language of your choice, put the downloaded language file into your CDex folder, and restart the application. From the Options->Language menu option the language of your choice should be selectable.

CDex Albanian translation
CDex Bulgarian translation
CDex Catalan translation
CDex Chinese (Simplified) translation
CDex Chinese (Simplified / GB2312) translation
CDex Chinese (Traditional) translation
CDex Chinese (Traditional / BIG5) translation
CDex Czech translation
CDex Danish translation
CDex German translation
CDex English translation
CDex Finnish translation
CDex French translation
CDex Galician translation
CDex Greek translation
CDex Hungarian translation
CDex Italian translation
CDex Japanese translation
CDex Korean translation
CDex Magyar translation
CDex Netherlands translation
CDex Norwegian translation
CDex Polish translation
CDex Portuguese translation
CDex Portuguese (Brazil) translation
CDex Romanian translation
CDex Russian translation
CDex Shqip translation
CDex Slovak translation
CDex Slovenian translation
CDex Spanish translation
CDex Swedish translation
CDex Thai translation
CDex Turkish translation
CDex Ukrainian translation

Aspi Drivers
New CDex versions include FrogASPI.

Miscellaneous downloads
Wmaudioredist.exe file: (if you want to use the WmAudio encoder of Microsoft, you might need this file as well):
wmaudioredist.exe file

In some instances, you might need the MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL as well. I did not included it into the CDex zip file since most people already have this file on their systems. If you are missing this file, download the zip below, unzip it into the windows system directory.
MFC42.DLL zip file
msvcrt.dll zip file
oleaut.dll file
ws2_32.dll file

If you need a program to unzip these files, try 7-Zip.
7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.